Social Cognition & Intergroup Processes (SCIP) Laboratory


Jamie Abaied, Ph.D. -- University of Vermont

Sara Burke, Ph.D. -- Syracuse University

John Dovidio, Ph.D. -- Intergroup Relations Lab at Yale University

Sarah Gaither, Ph.D. -- Duke Identity & Diversity Lab at Duke University

Rachel Hardeman, Ph.D., M.P.H. -- University of Minnesota 

Mary Murphy, Ph.D. -- Mind & Identity in Context Lab at Indiana University

Sean Phelan, Ph.D. -- Mayo Clinic 

Allison Skinner, Ph.D. -- Georgia Attitude, Bias, and Behavior Acquisition Lab at University of Georgia

Michelle van Ryn, Ph.D., M.PH. -- Oregon Health & Science University 

The Medical Student & Medical Trainee CHANGE Studies

The SCIP-SCL Joint Lab Meeting

We hold a weekly joint lab meeting on Friday afternoons with the Social Cognition Lab (SCL) headed by Professor Galen Bodenhausen. Check out their website here.